Kinds of instruction

Private lessons

  • Lessons typically last one hour or 90 minutes.
  • Instruction is tailored to your interests and experience.

Small group lessons

  • 2 - 5 students per class
  • Classes are usually 90 minutes in length.
  • You can start a private class with one or more friends, or I will try to match you with other students of a similar level.

Corporate instruction

  • Courses are geared to the specific requirements of your profession. Options include Chinese for business, travel, in-depth cultural understanding and more.
  • I offer both short-term intensive classes and longer-term training programs.

Topics for all levels

  • Fundamentals of Chinese reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension
  • Coaching in standard Mandarin pronunciation and diction
  • Practical communication skills
  • In-depth study of Chinese literature and culture


Group of 3-5

  • $45 per student / 60 minutes
  • $60 per student / 90 minutes
  • $75 per student / 120 minutes

Group of two

  • $50 per student / 60 minutes
  • $65 per student / 90 minutes

Individual lessons

  • $65 / 60 minute lesson
  • $85 / 90 minute lesson

There may be an additional fee for traveling to your location.

Contact me to arrange a free 45-minute consultation.


  • Lessons can be held at my apartment (5 minutes from Union Square).
  • Lessons can also be arranged at your home or office.
  • Lessons can be scheduled on any day of the week, including weekends.
  • Lessons can be scheduled in the morning, afternoon or evening.


I believe that from their very first lessons, students should start building essential skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Each of these skills reinforces the others. Classes for beginning students combine instruction in grammar and usage with a lot of oral practice. For intermediate and advanced learners, I work with each student to design a program of study, including texts and other materials, to suit their own interests and abilities. At all levels, I try to use authentic materials to increase students' exposure to the language as it is spoken and used in everyday situations.