Recommendation letters from students

Erica and Jennifer

"Byron is professional and friendly at the same time--I enjoy my sessions a great deal and have come to rely on Byron as a friend and teacher." [more]

—— Jennifer Mathews

"Mr. Wu is a patient and dedicated teacher with great sensitivity to his students' needs and capabilities." [more]

—— Robert L. Cohen

Howard and Andy with Byron

"We are happy to recommend Byron (Jian Hua) Wu as an outstanding teacher, with an engaging personality and excellent character." [more]

—— Andrew Thomas and Howard L. Kessler

"[Mr. Wu] does a brilliant job of explaining things in a witty and memorable way." [more]

—— Matthew Bloch

Grant Newman

"I have been studying Mandarin with Byron for over a year now and he has made a dramatic difference in my ability to speak and understand Chinese." [more]

—— Grant Newman

"His lessons are structured, yet giving the student flexibilty in choosing a topic of interest to study." [more]

—— Deborah Li